Small Farm Consulting

A huge goal for us is to share the knowledge/skills myself and my friends have learned along the way to living a more sustainable life. Whether it be a small back yard garden or a 100 acre organic farm operation we are here to help you along the way. My life has been dedicated to exploring the most efficient ways to set up sustainable organic homestead and I hope to share it with people who want the same. 

There are thousands of questions to be answer when gardening or starting a farm that we would love to help with, but here are some main points to get the jist.

- Answer all general questions along the way as your take the first steps (everything to propagation, to harvest best practices)

- Deciding what land and scale is right for your needs

- Completing an organic management plan that aligns with your garden/farm goals 

- Entering into retail markets

- Equipment and tools needed that fit your budget

-What to grow? What to raise? 


Back Home Farm Qualifications 

-7 years experience of working on different size organic farms around the country. 

-Started and operate a successful 42 acre working organic vegetable farm from raw land

-FCAC GrowNYC Board member serving a 3 year term (for help with farm market questions)

-Field equipment rentals (Tractor, implements, etc)

-A Small library of farm books

-Degree in Business Finance 


Please email if you are interested in our help taking back our food system and living a more sustainable lifestyle.