About Us


       We are a small organic farm located in the Hudson Valley of New York in the town of High Falls. We currently grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, mushrooms and specialty hemp.

The soil is the heart of our farm and is what we are in most awe of. It's rockless, holds moisture, and is extremely nutrient rich due to the occasional river flooding. This results in nutrient dense crops that are strong against pest/disease and most importantly taste great. We maintain the health of soil by feeding green manure (crops that are planted for the only purpose of being reincorporated back into the soil). We will never use synthetic fertilizers and practice crop rotation of our fields. 

We are USDA certified organic and are strong supporters of small farms that are taking back the food system.

On typical day we are working in the fields, swimming in the Rondout river that boarders the farm, playing music and hanging out with our 2 dogs Ruby and Gus.