First ever Post! + Pre Spring notes from the farm

As a self proclaimed creative person I decided that writing a monthly blog about the farms escapades could be of interest to some people and also healthy way to get some of the at times overwhelmingly thoughts out of my head. At the very least, maybe some of these notes will inspire you on your journey to connect with nature and build a more sustainable lifestyle. Please mind any grammatically errors...

March 20th is the first day of spring and at that time we will be in full swing. Leading up to this there has been a ton of preparation for the year to come.  Personally I get a feeling of unease of not knowing exactly what will be to come. At the same time dealing with this feeling of uncertainty becomes a touchstone for personal growth. I remind myself that life itself is uncertain.  If we new everything that was going to happen the day before it does life wouldn't be very exciting. 

As i sit here looking at a small 12x12 box that holds 100,000 + tiny seeds that will be planted out filling our 20 acres of land I cant help but be in amazement that year after year this life cycle takes place. Plant seeds have a good outlook on life, their sole purpose is to grow fruit to carry on to the next generation. Their primary needs are water, soil, and sunlight and they will do their thing. Simple, powerful, and beautiful. 

Anyways, our propagation greenhouse has the heat turned on to 60 in order germinate our first trays of the season. Leeks, sugar snap peas, and onions are already taking up about 1/4 of the 30x60 tunnel. As heating the tunnel with propane get expensive we offset the cost with a woodstove. Early in the morning i fumble across the ice and start the fire. Its a great time of peace and again i have to remember to stay in the present and not get carried away with all the jobs to come for the day. 

Speaking of ice with days above 32, and nights in the teens it has created a layer of ice over the fields and the walkways that seem to be indestructible. The weather for this week will warm up to the 60s and mud season will begin along with the first day of Spring. 

I think i am going to keep these posts semi-short as im sure 90% of the readers have dropped off already. Until then heat, germination, and more preparation for what is to come. 

Staying present,



  • Read to the end and would love to hear more how you move the farm into spring.


    Drew Noone
  • All the best this season ! ;-)

    Vitaliy Bobkov
  • Loved this!
    Spring is coming.
    Your farm notes were most welcome!

    Nancy Braman
  • Mr. Will, I loved reading this. Not only did I relate to your daily thought process but I found it very uplifting because I’m not alone and winter is on its way out! Yay and keep up the good work. Forever a fan!

    Cat Eschler
  • Great hearing how you’re doing. Miss running into you at the clubhouse. xxoo Martha

    Martha Frankel

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