Spring at BHF!

Hey Y'all! 

With the weather warming up we have been very busy seeding in the greenhouse, getting fields ready, organizing the farm store, finalizing markets, and gathering a dedicated crew of land stewards. 

The propagation house is completely packed with thousands of seedlings waiting to hit the field. Tuscan Kale, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Broccolini, Fioretto Cauliflower, Early Wonder Beets, Spinach and Carrots have all been planted into the field and are doing great!

As with people, it is important to give the young seedlings a strong foundation in a controlled environment before sailing them off to be on their own in nature. We use Organic Vermont Compost potting soil which it being expensive, reassures us they have all the nutrients they need to start strong healthy growth. We also "harden off" the seedlings by lowering the temps slowly before the transplant into the weather. 

We have been sharing the green house with a neighboring long time farmer and friend Aileah, from Clove Valley Community Farm this year and have been really enjoying spending time with her.  It's been great sharing responsibility in watering and temp control, along with the supplemental heating bills, as well! Mondays we normally spend the day together seeding and talking shop. 

Speaking of, something to look forward to is the new Back Home Farm CSA membership. We are designing a practical experience that will entail flower picking, meat add ons, and flexible pick up times at the farm store, and access to all of the Back Home Farm events. I think it would also be fun to bring in some other vendors on Saturdays that can share their work and expand our local options . 

I am 100% dedicated into creating a reliable organic food system for our customers and I've learned with most things, we are stronger together. Not one business can do it all, and finding ways to connect farms strong points to offer the "whole plate" and more has been really fun and interesting. We're all in this together...  Until next time.

Much love, Will

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