2021 Season, an ode to Hawken, and next year..

Despite the extreme challenges of the 2021 growing season we all showed up and so did the abundance of food. As many of you know on August 7th our beloved farm dog Hawken was suddenly hit by a car in front of the farm and left his body 30 minutes later. This was a major set back as Hawken was more than a dog, he was a best friend to many, younger brother to Ruby, a protector from pests, and a happy warm presence that words cant explain. He forever changed my perspective on life and we will miss him deeply.

After the accident I was overcome with grief and incapable of putting together a strong Autum planting, but we did have some successes that are worth remembering. Our winter squash, arugula, broccoli rabe, radish, and head lettuces carried us through to finish out our CSA year. We also experimented with a eucalyptus planting that yielded a medical crop for our showers after a long season.  

We got most of the field cleaned up and put into cover crop. We planted Peas and Oats in over 2 acres of ground that germinated perfectly. Now it is time to reset, remember the wins, learn from the hardships, and be grateful for everything we have here in High Falls. 

I am already looking forward to 2022 with some new buildings going in, including a proper outdoor kitchen, community bathroom, and 2 new high tunnels. We are also launching the live-on internship program and have some unique events to bring ever more love and laughter to the land and our community. 

Thanks for reading!

Much love,


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